John Wayne’s Birthplace

Did you know that John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa?

He was born Marion Robert Morrison, on May 26, 1907. Later changed his name to Marion Mitchell Morrison, then adopted the stage name John Wayne and became known to friends and fans worldwide as “The Duke.”

His first leading role was in, “The Big Trail” with director Raoul Walsh in 1930. He went on to star in 142 motion pictures altogether. Eighty-three of his movies were Westerns.

Winterset is a city in Madison County, Iowa. It is the county seat of Madison County and is part of the Des Moines − West Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area. Less than 100 miles from Green Mountain, Iowa, you can leave out from Laid Back Manor and be in Winterset in under two hours.

Map Green Mountain to Winterset

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